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Their chief port, Cattigara, seems to have been in the lower Mekong Delta.The Great Gulf served as a combined Gulf of Thailand and South China Sea, as Marinus of Tyre and Ptolemy's belief that the Indian Ocean was an inland sea caused them to bend the Cambodian coast south beyond the equator before turning west to join southern Libya (Africa).Beginning in the 1st century BC with Virgil, Horace, and Strabo, Roman histories offer only vague accounts of China and the silk-producing Seres people of the Far East, who were perhaps the ancient Chinese.

The Sinae are placed on the northern shore of the Great Gulf (Magnus Sinus) east of the Golden Peninsula (Aurea Chersonesus, Malay Peninsula).

Several alleged Roman emissaries to China were recorded by ancient Chinese historians.

The first one on record, supposedly from either the Roman emperor Antoninus Pius or his adopted son Marcus Aurelius, arrived in 166 AD.

In Chinese records, the Roman Empire came to be known as Daqin or Great Qin.

Daqin was directly associated with the later Fulin () in Chinese sources, which has been identified by scholars such as Friedrich Hirth as the Byzantine Empire.

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