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Indeed, these studies are a rationale for the provision of transition services and the increasing coverage of costs for those services.

Transition saves lives, and the denial of transition kills trans people. The subtext to item 1 is, of course, ‘you shouldn’t be dating’.2.

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— Let’s just quit all the dancing and say what this is really about: Straight cis men being creeped-out by the existence of trans women. ‘I don’t have anything against trans women, but…’ is straight-up bullshit. The subtext to item 2 is, ‘you shouldn’t be dating’.

As with every ‘debate’ about trans existence — from toilets to medical access to birth certificates — what it comes down to is not trans actions, but cisgender discomfort.

This image is making the rounds on social media right now, boosted by the violently transmisogynistic remarks made on American television recently by comedian Lil Duval.

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