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Economist and philosopher Adam Smith claimed that the butcher and baker represented the basics of self-interest that drive the "economic man"--that is, butchers and bakers don't sell foodstuffs out of the goodness of their hearts.

Katrine Marcal cheekily points out that the Smith had most his meals prepared by his own mother.

The motel owner wished to remain anonymous, and Talese filed away his reporting. For an excerpt of the story, read Talese's piece from The New Yorker, April 11, 2016.

Actress and New York Times bestselling author Jenny Mollen brings us a collection of essays on tackling thought you already were one.

If you're helping someone find a book, please give suggestions only when you recognize the book or have a good reason to believe it's the book.7. It is set on the old manor of the main character and the stage is being built there.... The MC is a girl who tries to fly off the roof of her house and breaks her leg or arm or something. And for some reason also think she may have been Jewish? She finds clues in the magic realm that her mother is still alive. Childrens chapter book, adventure, about a group of street kids who spend a lot of time in the sewers, also one of the bad guys is hunting them and has a drop of mucus constantly dangling from his nose that finally drops when he dies. Kids/YA book - fairytale style stories with occasional black line drawings - one involved a weary traveller on a long road finding a castle where he stayed the night and was told not to go into one room, but he did and found a girl. Prince is attacked and flees dressed as a servant into the forest. Off world planet, the guardians have wings and powers, their home is suspended in the sky.

Please don't delete your original post with the request. He meets the heroine who has to get her sister back from the queen; they may have powers. Earth female comes to this planet to works as a guardian's housekeeper, guardian "sleeping" under water for decades...

In this feminist look at the "economic man," Marcal creates major hypotheses about the perception of Adam Smith's philosophy and its implications on the 2008 financial crisis in a book Margaret Atwood has dubbed "smart, funny, and readable." There is a new generation talking about race.

Using James Baldwin's 1963 book The Fire Next Time as a springboard, National Book Award-winner Jesmyn Ward has compiled a series of essays, memoirs and poems that shed light on the future of race in America and those who will carry the torch onward.

Live Fast Die Hot has received praise from Lena Dunham, Chelsea Handler and Andy Cohen.

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has picked a variety of humorous memoirs, personal essay collections and inspiring biographies to keep you reading all summer long.

They say "a diamond is forever," but Rachelle Bergstein wonders why.

In this cultural biography, Bergstein examines the history of the world's most precious gemstones and how they became symbols of wealth, marriage and stardom.

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