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So keep being awesome, because others depend on you greatly, even if you don’t know it yourself. That cheerful exterior and caring nature of yours are why people love to be around you.

Overall, you are very strong, and protecting your loved ones is especially important.

TWO-SHOT, LEMON:: Kagome is a genius, the nerd of the school, yet she fails miserably at math.

Her hot and popular sworn-enemy whom is also her crush Inuyasha offers to tutor her, and she hesitantly "accepts".

A cute nice lady blond that wears dresses with tights and no single Mums in jeans this time.

Someone that I feel comfortable ...52, female, Scarborough, Yorkshire Football,reading socialising, good food.

Overall, you are a great force to be reckoned with, and no one, not even the queen, can stand in your way. Your endurance and ability to overcome any difficult obstacles are why everyone around you looks up to you.

*snore* STUDY SESSION AND LEMON'S NEXT CHAPTER, which will be out tomorrow!

So keep being awesome because you’re truly a badass. You have great abilities, especially when it comes to doing your job.

Overall, you are capable of amazing things, even when you know that you are limited.

Overall, you are great and nothing, not even death, can stand in your way. That flamboyant and outspoken attitude you have may lead others to underestimate you, which ultimately gives you the upper hand. That calm and emotionless attitude of yours is why you can overcome any difficult obstacle, especially when times seem dire.

Overall, you are very strong, and your abilities may even exceed others in the same field. Overall, you are very powerful, and no one, not even your greatest enemies, can stand in your way. Your firm attitude and kind demeanor are what make you the best companion and friend.

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